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Behavorial issue

Problem behaviors are those that aren’t considered typically acceptable. Nearly everyone can have a moment of disruptive behavior or an error in judgment. However, problem behavior is a consistent pattern.

Problem behaviors can vary in terms of severity. They can occur in children as well as in adults. People with problem behaviors often require medical intervention to improve their symptoms.

What Are the Symptoms of Problem Behavior?

  • Abuse of alcohol or drugs

  • Agitation

  • Angry, defiant behaviors

  • Carelessness

  • Disinterest or withdrawal from daily Life

  • Drug use

  • Emotional flatness

  • Excessive, disruptive talking

  • Hoarding useless objects

  • Inappropriate behavior

  • Inflated self-esteem or overconfidence

  • Obsessive thoughts

  • Poor judgment

  • Property damage

  • Self-injury

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